our team
François G.

The wine domain has very few (or no?) secrets for François, a graduate in superior sommelerie with sensory analysis from the University of wine Château de Suze-La-Rousse, in France. He worked for many years as a product expert at the SAQ, notably as a taster-editor and trainer in the 'Les Connaisseurs' department, in addition to being a guest taster at the prestigious World Wine Selections of Canada competition. In the agency for more than a decade, he has been at the forefront of new trends and now uses his in-depth knowledge of the product and the market, as well as his sense of analysis and detail, with many producers, with whom he has built solid and long-lasting business relationships, to the delight of Quebec consumers.  

Mario p.
Vice President

With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Montreal in Industrial Relations, his passion for wine led him to set up Divin Paradis more than 25 years ago. Since that time, he has been made a member of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (Brotherhood of the Knights of a Wine-Tasting Cup) in Burgundy, a sign that he will forever keep his love for wine.With the experience of hundreds of fairs around the world, all these assets help him to propel this beautiful agency to the highest peaks by finding products capable of satisfying the most demanding Quebec consumers.

Mathieu T. 
Director of Development and Account Management 

Mathieu worked for almost 10 years at the SAQ. It was while working there as a student that he discovered his passion for wines and spirits, first as a seller and then as a store operations coordinator. After completing his studies in marketing communications, he moved to the head office to put his talents to use in space planning for the network and then as a marketing analyst where he helped implement the Inspire program. He joined the Divin Paradis team in 2016. He has since obtained his WSET 3 diploma with merit and distinction. We recognize him for his jovial mood and when he is not spending time scouting for new beers, he enjoys exploring new technologies.

Guillaume A.
Marketing Director

Guillaume has been gaining experience in the wine and spirits industry since he was 18. He began his career in the Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ) stores, where he held the position of Branch Operations Coordinator for 9 years. After gaining solid experience in operations and team management, Guillaume honoured several mandates as substitute store director. In 2014, he joined the Divin Paradis team as a marketing analyst. In the meantime, he excelled in a 2-year mandate for a multinational specializing in bulk wine and local bottling. Guillaume expresses his passion and shares his knowledge by developing innovative strategies to promote product quality and diversity. His expertise in the wine and spirits sector is based on a combination of practical experience and ongoing training, enabling him to keep constantly up to date with the latest trends and the most effective marketing techniques. His aim is to enable consumers to discover and fully appreciate the pleasures of the table.

Vanessa B.
Account and Social Media Manager

With a Bachelor's degree in communications and public relations, Vanessa has long worked in the visual arts world as a gallery owner and collection manager. It is through meetings and friendships with a wide range of wine artisans that she developed her passion and refined her knowledge of wines. Since then, her love of challenges and her go-getter spirit led her to obtain her WSET certification and to start working as an agency representative, first with the SAQ, and then specializing in private imports. She was also responsible for the marketing and events aspects of a major agency in Quebec, as well as coordinating the management of social networks.

Geneviève D.
Account Manager

Geneviève has over 18 years' experience in the field: she started out in the wine business when she came of age, working in a SAQ store for almost 10 years. With a bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing from Université Laval, she switched to SAQ head office in 2012 for a mandate in planography. In 2014, she joined Divin Paradis. Over the years, Geneviève gained experience in another agency and finally returned to her roots at Divin Paradis in 2023. In her spare time, Geneviève enjoys any activity that includes a platter of oysters or a tennis racket!

Emma M. A. 
Account Manager Coordinator

Emma came straight from France with the conviction to explore the secrets of the Quebec alcoholic beverage market. During her studies, she quickly specialized in the trade and law of wines and spirits, which she loves, especially around the North American markets. After two Masters and an internship in Montreal, Divin Paradis took her under its wing and gave her the opportunity to join the team as an account management coordinator. A great adventure begins for her!  

sandrine p.
Accounting technician

Sandrine joined Divin Paradis in 2023 as an accountant. With 25 years of experience in accounting, including 14 in the field, she’s using her knowledges to manage and improve procedures. Always attentive, she strives to respond to the requests of both colleagues and producers. Coming straight from Belgium, the country of beer, she discovered the world of wine with great pleasure. When she is not busy juggling accounts, she devotes herself to her family, her daughters and her volunteer work at school!

Sales team
Nicolas T. 
sales director

Nicolas has been part of the Divin Paradis team since 2014. He has more than 10 years of experience as a manager and sales representative. Born in the original Syrah region, passionate about viticulture and gastronomy, it was after a long journey of travels and discoveries that he decided to put down his glass in Montreal.

Alphonse L. 
sales representative

Alphonse has worked as a sales representative for nearly 12 years at Divin Paradis. He studied hotel management and then rose through rank in various luxury hotels and renowned restaurants across Canada. Passionate about wine, he continued his studies and completed his ASP as a sommelier in 2004. What he loves above all is having friends at home to share a good meal and his latest wine find. If you meet him somewhere, talk to him about Beaujolais or Burgundy wines, you will see his eyes shine.

Alain P. 
sales representative

In the wine business for more than 20 years, he stands out for his knowledge, leadership and communication skills. Finally, his taste for refinement and good food are an integral part of his lifestyle.

Sophie-Anne G.
sales representative

Passionate about the restaurant industry from a young age, Sophie-Anne decided to study gastronomic restaurant management at the ITHQ. She quickly took an interest in the wine industry. Over the years, she has gained a lot of experience in this field working in different restaurants and wine bars. This allowed her to develop her creative spirit, having the opportunity to make food and wine pairings. Also having an interest in management, she completed a bachelor's degree in business administration. During her studies at university, she had the opportunity to study at Paris-Dauphine University in Paris. During this experience, she visited several vineyards, which increased her desire to work in the wine industry. Finally, she returned to Quebec and gets her WSET2 certification, with honorable mention, to then join the Divin Paradis team as a sales representative.

Guy B.
sales representative

Native Montrealers. Guy has been working in the field of wine and gastronomy for over twenty years. After his studies at the ITHQ, he joined the Fairmont Hotel group in 1994 and cut his teeth in sommellerie and service at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. In 1996 he moved his small family to the Laurentians and he actively participated in the opening of the Fairmont Tremblant and developed his first wine list. In 1999 he joined the team of a large and prestigious wine agency in Quebec as a sales representative. Entrepreneur at heart, he met Sébastien Houle Chef globetrotter in 2006 and together they created the restaurant Seb l'Artisan Culinaire located in Mont-Tremblant. Named Table d’Or des Laurentides in 2008 and 2009, the restaurant was awarded four CAA diamonds in 2012. 2013 to 2017 will be pivotal years, he joins a young wine agency specializing in private imports as well as an SAQ component. His mandate will be; business development and product selection for their portfolio. At the same time, in 2017, he obtained a Certificate in Business Communications from Harvard University. His favourite saying is “I will drink milk when the cows eat grapes” Jean Gabin.